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Freestyle Lancets by Abbott

Enroll with Focus Pharmacy and start savingFocus Express Mail Pharmacy offers Freestyle lancets from Abbott. Enroll now to see how you can get your supplies for little or no cost.


Focus Express Mail Pharmacy carries a large inventory of lancets.


One Touch Ultra Test Strips

Freestyle® Lancets

FreeStyle Lancets are made from very thin, 25 gauge stainless steel for comfort, and sterilized for your protection. FreeStyle Lancets also fit almost all other lancing devices. Designed for people of all ages.

FreeStyle Lancet Features:

  • Made for comfort: Made from very thin stainless steel.
    Made for protection: Sterilized for your protection. Fits almost all lancing devices.


  • 100 Sterile FreeStyle Lancets.

Enroll now to see how you can get Freestyle lancets at little or no cost.