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Cozmore Cozmo Insulin Pump Supplies

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Cleo™ 90 Infusion sets

Cleo™ 90 Infusion sets

Single-use housing contains
  • 90° infusion set
  • Cannula inserter
  • Automatic needle retractor
  • Small, breathable, transparent dressing
  • 360° connection option
  • Needle protection feature
  • Standard Luer (Compatible with any open system insulin pump - Not for use with the MiniMed Paradigm® proprietary connection)
  • Quantity: 10 / box


Cozmo® Cartridges

The Deltec Cozmo® 3ml Cartridge is designed to be used with the Deltec Cozmo® Insulin Pump. Has a raised ring that acts as a stopper for the plunger to prevent the user from overfilling the cartridge, which can lead to insulin spills.
  • Sold By Box of 25
  • Cartridge: 3ml
The Deltec Cozmo® 3ml Cartridge is Made With 3 Parts:
    The barrel has an integral luer fitting. The opposite end has volume markings and a raised ring that acts as a stopper for the plunger.
    The plunger is conical in shape with a double 0 ring seal design. The plunger and rod is detachable.
    Removed from plunger prior to insertion of cartridge into the pump.  

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