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Glucose Meter Details: OneTouch UltraLink

Enroll with Focus Pharmacy and start savingFocus Express Mail Pharmacy knows that blood glucose meter comparisons can be confusing. So we've put together an easy to use chart so you can compare blood glucose monitors.

OneTouch UltraLink from Lifescan

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OneTouch UltraLink

Testing Time: 5 seconds
Alternate Site Testing: Y
Memory: 500 
Display Size: Y
Works with Insulin Pump: Y : MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time System
Management Software: Y
Strips: OneTouch« Ultra« Test Strips

The OneTouch® UltraLink™ Meter wirelessly sends your test results to your MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pump*, making bolus dosing easier and more accurate.  The OneTouch® UltraLink™ Meter is now featured as part of the MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time System.

Fast and easy

  • Wireless communication of test results eliminates extra button pushes and simplifies bolus dosing
  • Results in just 5 seconds, plus up and down arrows for scrolling
  • Features such as before- and after-meal averages make it easy to manage your diabetes around mealtimes


  • Proven to offer a high degree of accuracy across the full range of glucose values
  • Wireless transmission of results to the MiniMed Paradigm® Bolus Wizard® calculator eliminates data entry mistakes and reduces the risk of bolus dosing errors

Uses OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strips - The #1 selling test strip in the U.S.

  • OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strips are on the preferred list at the lowest co-pay by more health plans than any other test strip

Download test results to:

  • CareLink Personal Software
  • OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software 

It comes with the accessories you need:

  • OneTouch® Lancing Device
  • OneTouch® Control Solution
  • OneTouch® UltraSoft Lancets
  • Mini carrying case, batteries, and logbook
  • Owner's Booklet and Quick Reference Guide
  • OneTouch® AST Clear Cap for testing on forearm or palm

* if your insurance qualifies.