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Sleep Sentry Hypoglycemia Alarm WristbandInsulin-dependent people with diabetes who suffer from frequent episodes of hypoglycemia will sleep easier with Sleep Sentry, an FDA-approved alarm designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle, and to repeatedly sound a warning when skin temperature drops and/or the wearer perspires.

Designed to look like a wristwatch, Sleep Sentry is lightweight (only 1.1 ounces), comfortable (adjustable Velcro straps), and not likely to irritate the skin.

The Sleep Sentry Hypoglycemia Alarm Wristband is ideally suited for people with diabetes who experience severe or frequent blood sugar lows, live alone, travel frequently, or whose daily activity varies greatly. Sleep Sentry is designed to be worn day and/or night, by children and adults. Since people with diabetes experiencing low blood sugar while asleep awaken on their own less than half the time, Sleep Sentry enables them and their loved ones to rest easily with the assurance that an alarm will sound if needed.

How it works is this: the moment Sleep Sentry is slipped onto the wrist or ankle, sensors built into the back of it automatically record the wearer's skin temperature and perspiration level. When Sleep Sentry is worn properly (not too loosely), the sensor continuously sends electronic information to the microprocessor contained within. If skin temperature drops, even as little as 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or perspiration begins, Sleep Sentry's warning alarm sounds, waking the wearer and enabling potentially life-saving actions to occur.

There can be false alarms; after all, sweating is caused by factors other than hypoglycemia. However, the key benefit of Sleep Sentry is this: if you are awakened by the Sleep Sentry alarm and use a blood glucose monitor to confirm that your blood sugar level is low, you can treat it and avoid the potentially devastating effects of insulin shock, a form of coma caused by severe hypoglycemia, which can cause paralysis and irreversible brain damage.

Parents of children with diabetes report that they sleep easier knowing the Sleep Sentry alarm will sound if symptoms of hypoglycemia are exhibited, enabling them to check their child's blood sugar levels and, if necessary, administer insulin, without ever waking the child.

Sleep Sentry is effective. During clinical studies for the original Sleep Sentry introduced in 1984, when hypoglycemia was confirmed Sleep Sentry sounded 90 percent of the time. During the remaining 10 percent of time, Sleep Sentry's failure to sound was caused mostly by human error; for example, the watch was worn too loosely.

The conclusion reached then by Dr. Julio Santiago, principal investigator and professor of pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis, was this: "Patients with past episodes of severe hypoglycemia must decide if an 80 to 90 percent chance of a 'true positive' alarm is worth the inconvenience of an occasional (one to two per month) 'false positive' alarm. There is no perfect device to eliminate the danger of severe hypoglycemia. Patients who take insulin and have a history of past episodes of severe hypoglycemia should be considered candidates for Sleep Sentry. Patients without a history of severe nocturnal hypoglycemia may also benefit from the device, depending on the personal inconvenience associated with false alarms."

While the technology behind Sleep Sentry has not changed, its look has been updated for today's lifestyle: thinner aluminum casing, an adjustable strap that won't irritate the skin, and the use of lighter and longer-lasting batteries.

Sleep Sentry is reasonably priced, with up to 80 percent reimbursed by some health insurance plans. Sleep Sentry is available now at Focus Express Mail Pharmacy. For more information, please call Focus, toll-free, 1-866-403-6287.
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