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Focus Pharmacy Complies With The Ryan Haight Internet Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act

Ryan Haight was born on December 28, 1982 and died on February 12, 2001 from an overdose of prescription drugs he had purchased on the Internet. He was only 18 when he died.

The Ryan Haight Act, also known as the "Internet Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act" attempts to prevent  the growing sale of prescription drugs over the Internet without a valid prescription by:

  • providing new disclosure standards for Internet pharmacies
  • barring Internet sites from selling or dispensing prescription drugs to consumers who are provided a prescription solely on the basis of an online questionnaire
  • allowing state attorneys general to go to federal court to shut down rogue sites.

Focus Express Mail Pharmacy has recently complied with all of the requirements of the Ryan Haight Act. If all  fully licensed, certified, and legitimate pharmacies who advertise on the internet comply with this act, families will not have to endure the loss of a child due to unscrupulous and rogue internet pharmacies again.

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