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Focus Pharmacy Testimonials

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Judi from Egg Habror Township, NJ

Thank you Focus Pharmacy!   I can't tell you enough how pleased I am that I found you! Not only do you save me so much money(which is great of course)the staff is so friendly & helpful. You guys make it so easy for me-I don't know what I would do without you. You never have to worry w/Focus they are fast, convenient and always courteous. I never thought it could be a pleasure dealing with a pharmacy.  Thank you so much!

Happy Holidays!

Crystal from Elkview, WV
You guys are absolutely awesome!!!  My husband was started on a new medicine on Thursday.  He faxed the Rx to the pharmacist and we received the package the very next day.  I am amazed at how fast and efficient Focus Pharmacy is at getting medications to patients so quickly.  Thank you, thank you. 

Donna from Cranston, RI
Thanks, Focus Pharmacy, for all your support and great service.  Since discovering your company, about a year ago, we spend less time and money on acquiring diabetes supplies and more on the many other important aspects of our lives.  When our son was first diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago, at the age of 4, everything seemed so overwhelming, expensive and scary.  It took me months to figure out what we needed to buy each month, how to purchase it, and how to set-up accounts that would be best covered by our insurance.  I wish I knew about Focus Pharmacy from the beginning --looking back, I now realize that we overspent and overworked for years.  Now, I count on you guys to do all the work and charge me less.  It's a win-win situation!!  THANKS again.

Pat from Auburn, NY

Focus pharmacy has made my life less stressful!!! Prior to Focus I would have to pay up front for my prescriptions and then after a couple of weeks I would get 80% of my money back. It was very difficult to live without that money. I am a widow with only one income. Secondly, having my prescriptions delivered is so convenient. I live in the country and the nearest pharmacy is several miles away. During the winter months I do not like to drive so Focus pharmacy has been a true blessing. When I call for prescriptions everyone is very helpful and pleasant. The service is excellent!!

Erland from Northfieldl, NJ

As easy as it is to pick up a phone and dial a number, is how easy it is to place an order through Focus Express Pharmacy!!

Unlike many mail order pharmacies, customers can be assured of receiving friendly, professional and knowledgable customer service representatives. Receiving top product quality and fast delievery time is a part of the experience when ordering with Focus Pharmacy.

The best features of Focus Pharmacy is that they have over fifty years of experience in providing quality products/service and reliability.


Reginald & Esther from Elbridge, NY

Just a note to let you know how satisfied we are with Focus.                                                    

The convenience of your program is fantastic. The doctors call in the prescriptions. On refills, we just call in and they are delivered to our home the next day. We do not have to get in our car, use gas and our time to go to a drugstore. The cold weather we can stay in our warm house and wait for FedEx.

Thanks for your cooperation. Your help is always courteous on the phone. From a couple of 80 year olds, we THANK YOU!


Crystal from Charleston, WV
My husband is the carrier of our insurance and I have quit carrying my hospital insurance because it has just become too expensive as I only work part time on the weekends to be home with my kids during the week.  Anytime we needed a prescription filled before we found out about Focus, I would have to pack up the kids and head into town to the hospital pharmacy and usually wait with the 2 impatient kids until it was done.  Since we have started using Focus, it has been a Godsend.  I don't have to worry about getting to the pharmacy before they close, I know my medicine will be here when it's supposed to be.  If I have to be here to sign for a prescription, the pharmacist calls me to let me know exactly when they are going to mail it out.  It is absolutely wonderful.  The staff has went out of their way to get us all in their system and switched over.  You all are the greatest!!!

John from Jordan, NY
Focus has been a God-send to my wife and me as we are on monthly medicines and most of the months we don't have the cash for our meds.We both work full time and our insurance covered 80% but most months we couldn't afford the 20% so we would just go without which wasn't a good thing as most meds were very very important such as blood pressure meds and anti depressants among others.So when we heard about Focus we talked and I said to my wife this sounds awesome if  they accept our insurance. So we checked on it and they checked with our insurance and then called us back and said yes and we are still jumping for joy as we will never ever go without important medicines ever again.And we tell everyone we meet about Focus.Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of our hearts. 

Frank from Auburn, on

Focus Pharmacy is a great service - very speedy and convenient.  The representatives are always courteous and ready to answer any questions.  The cost saving is tremendous in my case.  I shall always use this pharmacy.


Janet from Auburn, NY

Focus Pharmacy has been a Godsend for my husband and myself, as we both have to take very high priced medications.  We no longer have to pay 20% of the cost, saving us a lot of money.  The customer service reps have always been very courteous and helpful.  The ordering process is very convenient and simple.  I love how quickly our prescriptions are mailed out.  Thank you Focus Pharmacy.


Andrea from Baldwinsville, NY
Focus Pharmacy has given me exceptional and dependable service.  I am most impressed with the speed that I receive my prescriptions.  I faxed a prescription in on Friday afternoon and had the item first thing on Monday.  Every time I call, my questions are answered thoroughly and swiftly.  I am very impressed with the professionalism of your staff, everyone including the packaging and mail service individuals.  Thanks so much for saving me so much money but most importantly for being so reliable, thorough and convenient.

Shirley from Huntsville, AL
My experience with Focus Pharmacy has been an absolute life saver when it comes to having to buy medicine up front and then wait on the re-embursement from the insurance company.  All 3 people in my family have meds to get filled every month and it can cause a real hardship when you don't always have the money to get prescriptions filled at a regular pharmacy.   A friend told me about Focus and it the best thing to happen to us in a long time.  If I need to contact them, there is always an absolutely polite, helpful person on the phone to speak with.  Focus Pharmacy, thanks for being there for us.

Tracy from Wabash, IN

I found Focus Pharmacy a few years ago . The company I work for wanted  me to  buy from our own pharmacy , pay up front then wait for reinbursement . That was out of the question for me . So searching the internet I came across  the Focus web site . I called and was accepted the same day !  I love the fact that when you call, a real person answers the phone  and  my  supplies are always shipped  in  a few days .  I  recommend  Focus to everyone I  know  and will keep doing so .



Robert from Bedminster, NJ

I have been with Focus now for about 8 months and it has been a real cost saver.  I normally had to pay everything up front and then wait for a check from insurance.  Deliveries are quick and the people at Focus are friendly and helpful.  Thank you, Focus!







Katarzyna from Edison, NJ
I was introduced to Focus Pharmacy around a year and a half ago; before I heard of Focus Pharmacy I would always pay up front for the whole prescription amount and then be reimbursed 80% within the next month. It is so amazing that I could just call in a prescription without even leaving my home, have it delivered the next day at my door step and not have to pay anything until I receive that reimbursement check.  The staff has been so friendly and helpful; it is really a pleasure dealing with Focus Pharmacy. Thank you

Donna from Weedsport , NY

You guys, and ladies, are the best!  I work nights and it is very reassuring to know that I can reach Focus any time, day or night!  Your  faxing feature is wonderful,  but not as wonderful as talking to a real human when needed.   I can't say enough about how friendly the  Focus people are and your express delivery service puts your company right over the top for me and my family.  Whether it is a maintenance drug or an acute illness drug,  the customer service is always the same:


On time,


Understanding and

Smart!  Thanks for being an outstanding company!


PS  The chain store pharmacies could take a few lessons from you,  I am so glad I do not have to deal with them anymore!                        

Elizabeth from Auburn , NY

I just wanted to write and tell you what a great help Focus pharmacy has been.  It is so convienent to call to place my order.  They always come the next day.  The staff is always very helpful and a joy to talk to. Thanks again and happy holidays.

Patricia from Skaneateles, NY

I am so pleased that I joined Focus Pharmacy.Besides saving me money, which is great, it is so nice to just call and then receive your prescription within a couple of days.  Also I don't have to worry about getting a new prescription; they take care of it all.  Everyone has always been so helpful too. I tell everyone about it!



Brianne from Lombard, IL

As silly as this sounds, Focus Pharmacy is the reason I was able to move out of my parents' home!  Before a friend told me about your services, I was paying $1,000 a month for my prescriptions at a store, which is quite a chunk of my teaching salary! J My insurance company took their time to “reimburse” me and only paid two-thirds of the bill. I cannot thank your company enough… I seriously do not know what I would have done without you (live at home forever)?!? You make having diabetes just a little more manageable. Oh yeah, also thank you  for being so kind.... even when I call in my prescriptions when I am down to my last 25 test strips!

Sarah from Sanford, NC

I've been with Focus Pharmacy since you opened the doors I think.   It's like having my own personal pharmacist on line when I talk to you-all.  You never fail to be friendly, efficient, and very prompt. I appreciate your extra care in filling multiple prescriptions.  Your calls to make sure I understand how to take each one and not cross react are very reassuring. Thanks.


Elaine from Marcellus, NY

I have participated in your program for about one year and the savings and ease of your program is wonderful.  No more trips to the pharmacy, no more waiting and waiting for the insurance company to send  me my money.

Also,I work only ten months and with the price of gas it is great to not have to run to the pharmacy.  So we are saving all around.

 The staff has always been friendly and helpful and a pleasure  to work with.

I have reccomended Focus to everyone I know because it has been such a great help to me.




Pamela from Silver Creek, NY

I don't have to worry about temperature protection of my meds. My old company used to send my medications 3 to 6 weeks after I ordered them. Now I receive them within a couple of days .Besides all that wonderful service I save so much money by Focus Pharmacy accepting the 80% our Insurance pays them. WOW - What a Deal!

  Thanks again Pamela

Sara from Bedminster, NJ
I was introduced to Focus Pharmacy about a year ago and it  has been a very good experience that I have already shared with other co-workers.  Being able to get my medication shipped right to my door without having to pay the co-pay has made dealing with Focus Pharmacy a breeze along with saving me money.  Keep up the good work. Sara

Sheree from Marcellus, NY

I came to Focus by word of mouth. I have had nothing but good to say about them, so much so that I always have a Focus brochure in my purse to tell others who don’t know yet about this pharmacy.

Focus has greatly eased the burden of wasting time standing in line while waiting for a script to be filled, especially when you are not well. The personnel is so easy to talk to and go out of their way to help explain things and to get your order filled in a timely manner. I can’t say enough good about the whole process. My Dr. just faxes in an order and it is overnighted to me. And the reorder process is great.

I have used a few other mail order pharmacies over the years and this one is the most outstanding.

susan from Auburn, NY

Focus has changed my LIFE.  I absolutely love all the people who work at Focus.  They are kind and understanding and really seem to care.  Where else can you call up, request an item you need for your health  care and have it show up at your door stop the next day?!!!(I, of course try not to do that to these wonderful people, I try to order ahead before my orders run out!)

I have such a busy life as I'm sure do all the folks who work at Focus. Working full-time, mother of 2, ages l4 and 7, who keep me very busy.  Focus makes one part of my life sooo easy, the management of my Type I Diabetes.  When my doctor wanted me to go on the insulin pump I said no because I could not afford the supplies.  The pump people introduced me to Focus and all my needs were taken care of.  Now my sugar is under excellent management and my stress levels are down because I do not have to worry about my supplies or my medicines that help keep me alive thanks to the people who work at Focus and seem to love their jobs. 

My husband tells me all the time I should get a job working for Focus.  If they were a little closer to where I live I definitely would.(I live in NY and they are in Penn) That would be quite a drive every morning!!!  Thank you to all of you at Focus and have a great holiday season.

kathy from long bottom , OH

To all of our friends at Focus,

You are a God send.My husband's friend told him about you just in time.I had a kidney transplant in Oct 03 and we were spending out more than we were bringing in. We were almost ready to call it quits .Having trouble paying for my meds and our home and other bills.Now my husband tells everyone he sees about you and how great you are.Everyone is so nice and understanding and easy to talk to. Thank you so much for helping us out.God bless each and everyone of you !! Kathy Willis

Mildred from Macon, GA

Focus Pharmacy has helped me a lot with their pricing. Before I discovered Focus I had to pay the  20% copay on all of my  medications. I can't believe how easy Focus has made the mail order process.   

Thanks Focus,
Mildred Hobbs
Macon. Ga.

lisa from west grove, PA

Friends at Focus,

I feel as though I know all of you personally even though we only communicate by phone.  I was with another mail order pharmacy and happenend upon Focus . I do not know how I would manage without you guys  taking care of my needs.  This condition demands so much, and working full time, it would be impossible w/o your support and efforts.I appreciate everthing you do for me and those of us living with diabetes.

Lisa Cypressi

Anna from Bensenville, IL

I happened upon your web site about a year ago, and thought I would give you a try.  I sure am glad I did.  Being diabetic, having my insulin "direct billed" to my insurance company has been a life saver.  I have even recommended you to people and work, and one has even enrolled her family.  Thank you everyone at Focus !

Alicia from Ringoes, NJ
I use Focus Pharmacy to fill all of my Diabetes Supplies needs and prescription medications. Everyone at Focus is so nice to talk to. It makes managing my Diabetes a lot easier. They are always up on the latest medications, testing supplies or insulin pumps. Refills are a breeze online or sometimes I call them in just to say Hi! I recommend Focus to everyone I know. Keep up the good work guys!