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Nightime Cold Sweat Alarm

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Low Blood Sugar while sleeping?

Only $135.00 and available now:

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Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar while sleeping may include perspiration or a drop in skin temp. Similar to the Sleep Sentry and a fraction of the cost of the Diabetes Sentry, The Nighttime Cold Sweat Alarm wakes you at the first sign of perspiration or drop in skin temp.

Worn on the wrist or ankle, this device both sounds an audible alarm and vibrates to wake those people who experience interrupted sleep due to drenching night sweats. It triggers an alert upon detecting either a drop in skin temperature or the presence of perspiration which is how the body regulates its temperature.

Night sweats may be caused from a variety of factors. Your physician should always be consulted in cases of persistent night sweats.

Other than the purchase price, there are no on-going costs to run the monitor other than changing the batteries every six to twelve months.

Hypoglycemia symptoms are unique to each person and this device does not detect hypoglycemia, only 2 common symptoms.


  • Detects Perspiration and Drop in Skin Temperature - NO COSTLY SENSORS TO REPLACE
  • Audible beep and vibration alarm
  • Sleek ergonomic design and comfortable adjustable elastic wrist strap
  • Replaceable (CR2032) battery should last 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nighttime Cold Sweat Alarm

  1. Is this device approved for sale by the FDA?
    No, this device makes no medical claims and therefore does not require FDA approval.
  2. Does the device detect hypoglycemia?
    No, the device detects 2 common symptoms of hypoglycemia, perspiration or a drop in skin temperature.
  3. Do both symptoms need to exist to trigger an alarm?
    No, the device will alarm if it detects either perspiration or a drop in skin temperature.
  4. What is the type of alarm?
    Audible buzzer and vibrator both activate upon alarm.
  5. How long does the battery last?
    Depending on usage, the battery may need to be replaced twice annually.
  6. What type of battery does the device use?
    CR2032 which is commonly available.
  7. Do the sensors require replacement?
  8. Do the sensors contain nickel?
  9. Where is the device worn?
    Either on the wrist or ankle.

Product Specifications

Version: HSA1
Certification: CE (Class IIb)
Sensor: Nickel Free Metal Case
Material: ABS Plastic Band
Material: Elastic Fabric
Size (Case): 43.44 x 35.96 x 14.81mm
Weight (Case and Band): 0.6 oz
Battery: CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell (included)
Operating Voltage: DC 3.0V
Alarm: Piezoelectric Buzzer and Vibrator
Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C (-4F to +158F)