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t:slim Insulin Pump Supplies

Enroll with Focus Pharmacy and start savingFocus Express Mail Pharmacy carries a large inventory of supplies from all of the major insulin pump companies. Enroll now to see how you can get the items that YOU need for little or no cost!

t:slim Insulin Pump Cartridge

t:slim Insulin Pump Cartridge

The t:slim Insulin cartridge Uses a unique pouch inside of the insulin cartridge instead of a syringe, allowing for more capacity while keeping the cartridge small.

  • Includes: (10) 3 ml cartridges
  • Notes: Designed to be used with the t:slim Insulin Pump System.

inset™ Infusion Set

The inset™ is the most popular all-in-one infusion set. The 90 degree soft cannula is pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter to make one-handed insertions quick and easy, even in hard to reach areas. It is available in Blue, Pink, and Grey.

contact™ Detach infusion set

The contact Detach infusion set features a very fine 29-gauge 90-degree steel needle for those who prefer the reliability of steel sets but don't want to compromise on comfort.

comfort™ / comfort™ Short Infusion Set

The comfort is a soft cannula infusion set that allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle. This is the preferred set of those who are lean and live an active lifestyle.

Cleo® 90 Infusion Set

Cleo is a 90-degree soft cannula infusion set which sports a sleek design, clear adhesive tape, multiple tubing orientations, and an integrated insertion device. The applicator not only helps with insertion but it also automatically retracts the needle for safe disposal.